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ghanapolice at consultant dot com and was given full details of the scam and played along and was exact ,evidence and receipt of money transfer was sent to the Unit and they checked the bank and got the person arrested and justice was served.

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161 … 49677 Dating scammer Natalja Kovaleva from Mogocha near Chita in Russia 41051 Dating scammer Zinnah Emannuel, Shaku Mathew, Waramatu Abubakari, Lawura Muniru 39099 Dating scammer Natalya Solce 37512 Dating scammer Marina Kuznecova, Marina Kuznezova, Anastasiya Ryabinina 36937 Dating scammer shaku mathew 35261 Dating scammer tatyana 34052 Dating scammer Katya from Helsinky, Finnland or Russia? One of the scammers favorite fakes is a model named Lana Brooke: Lana Brooke is one of a handful of Models and Porn stars that is the favorite of the Dating community in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Benin, and other Western and Central African countries.

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But behind the scenes she had a tumultuous relationship with Columbia Pictures, married a man more than twice her age at just 18 years old and went on to divorce him and four others , and struggled with alcoholism.

Anyone can help me to catch the scammer? Judy Garland AP When Ava entered showbiz and met future ex-husband Mickey Rooney, she was just a small-town girl with an innocent past it was widely reported that she was a virgin on their wedding night.

Scientology Using the Photos of Nude Model Lana Brooke & Pretending She is a Scientologist Named Christiana Michael


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Remember, the girl in the photos has nothing to do with fraud, her photo is used by bad people for benefits! And as her roles got hotter, so did her off-screen romances.

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This is deplorable conduct, but it is what the world has come to expect from Scientology: Lies piled upon lies.