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Egyptian TV forces Haifa Wehbe to replace the with trousers... Pictures

Among the most prominent attendees were director Enas El Deghaidi, artist Hani Ramzy and artist Ilham Shaheen.

Haifa Wehbe

" Ahmed revealed in the video that he used to be in relationships with many actresses, and that he couldn't go on with any of them because they were "all awful" as he described them.

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Haifa Wehbe presented a group of her songs and danced to her tunes with the audience, while the party witnessed the presence of some celebrities such as Hamo Beka, Bossi Shalaby, Akram Hosni and Mohamed Tharwat.

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Beirut … The list of wedding guests included singer Anastasia, Carmen Electra, Sean Combs, Googoosh, Nawal Al Zogbi, Najwa Karam, Rageb Alama and Sherin.

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The artist, Abeer Sabry, and the media, Bossi Shalaby, published clips of the ceremony held by Hala Sarhan, during which Haifa appeared with a white short short, while the stars were dancing on her song Tota.

Egyptian TV forces Haifa Wehbe to replace the with trousers... Pictures

Haifa Wehbe wears a short dress Haifa wore a short dress that greatly exposed her legs and parts of her chest, in a look that activists described as scandalous.

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The Lebanese actress did not comment on the hashtag, which is likely not to be a rumour.

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There was a suggestion that the camera should focus on the upper part only so that the shorts would not appear, but after discussions it was decided that she should wear trousers, and the artist did not mind, expressing her agreement to respect the rules of Egyptian television.

Haifa Wehbe

Charley over the water, charley over the water, over the water to charley, charley over the water, over the water to charley! On Friday, Haifa Wehbe performed a party in the city of El Alamein on the northern Egyptian coast, attended by a large number of the public and celebrities, and she was wearing golden shorts.